Why the NetForum?

Filling an Important Gap.

  1. The NetForum is a network of digital leaders focused on capturing the opportunities, and solving the challenges, of the Digital Economy.  
  2. The NetForum aspires to be a resource to the people who manage, acquire or invest in Digital companies by giving them a place to meet peers and domain experts, and explore opportunities and confront challenges by thinking them through far from hypesters and promoters.

Value to our Members.

The NetForum is Membership based but it is complimentary.  Benefits include:

  1. Guaranteed invitations to all monthly NetForum peer-to-peer discussions.  The meetings are limited to 30 people and are moderated by subject matter experts.
  2. Access to NetForum discussion Key Learnings.
  3. Access to a private contact pooling and referral network on the Reachable platform.

Why Members Love It

  1. In-Person, Small, Short Meetings, where everyone can talk, ask questions and share ideas.
  2. Good people to learn from and know.
  3. Guest Experts participate without lecturing or presenting.
  4. Commercial Free.  There are no business pitches.

The most fascinating discussions and people. At the NetForum.